Developer: EA
Platform: Facebook
Release Date: 9/8/11
Content Warning: Sexual References

     Hibba rabee warshtanor, nena blibber fliggon... oh, hi internet, I didn't see you there. Illegal drugs? No, no, no, that wasn't just random gibberish, I was just playing The Sims Social, a Facebook installation of the popular Sims franchise where everyone speaks in gibberish. Any good, you ask? The short answer is, it's ok. But be warned, if you get any more into it than a quick check once a day, prepare to be driven completely insane. Like, enough that you'll start speaking nonsense.

     And when you do, I apologize for what I said about your mom a few lines ago.

     In The Sims Social, like all Sims games, you create little people called "Sims" and witness their life from the perspective of God... that is, if God suddenly took up home redecorating. It's kind of a game about nothing. You can tinker around with your house, complete some odd little quests, and look after your Sim's personal needs. You don't really have a specific goal, although your friends' house values are displayed at the bottom of the screen, so I guess it's all about seeing who can be the most selfish materialistic idiot.
I'm friends with Marik Ishtar? I hate this game already.
     As a Sims game, the social format works really well... but I'm not sure that's a good thing. Maybe it's just me, but Sims games have always felt a little too much like work to actually have fun with them. Oddly enough, that's also how I feel about most social games, and The Sims Social does all of the inbox-spamming, premium content hawking crap I've whined about at length before.

     Maybe it does make sense to have an energy system, seeing as Sims probably get tired, but any credit it gets for that bit of logic is destroyed by the horrendous amount of product placement. Try and find anything coffee-related in The Sims Social that isn't Dunkin' Doughnuts branded, I dare you.
You can start a catering business with toaster pastries and fish sticks? What have I been doing with my life?
     It should also be mentioned that the game is incredibly buggy. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to refresh because it got stuck loading, or a pop-up message wouldn't go away, or objects wouldn't load.

     In the less than two months since The Sims Social was released, it's already become the second most popular game on Facebook and made piles of money, so I'm sure it'll go down in everyone's book as a commercial success - and I respect that.

    But, from a creative perspective, it does nothing new and nothing to advance social gaming. It's not complete trash and can be a lot of fun if you've got friends who are on it frequently, but if you're not as fan of the Sims or of social games, this game won't change your mind on either front.

                                                              Score: 7/10

     This has been the Freeware Fanatic, saying that I can't wait for the first relationship that blows up because someone's Sim is dating someone else's. All kinds of potential for awkwardness there *grabs a bag of popcorn in anticipation*.


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