Developer: TurboNuke
Platform: Flash
Release Date: 8/15/11

     Do you ever get that feeling where you realize you're tired of sitting on your butt doing nothing of importance and just want to go outside and enjoy some good, old-fashioned physical activity? Yeah, me neither. But just in case, here's a flash game that's got you covered.
     Cyclomaniacs 2 is the sequel to a classic of flash games where you pick from an array of zany characters and have a 2-d sidescrolling bike race. Each area has unique hazards and properties to deal with as well as goals to achieve, meaning you'll have more to shoot for than simply winning the race. Your accomplishments will net you new riders and areas as well as money to upgrade your riders.
     The centerpiece of Cyclomaniacs 2 is without a doubt its sense of humor. Most of the characters are based off of internet memes, celebrities, and characters from other flash games. The item and character descriptions are hilarious, too. Many levels themselves are even based around absurd concepts, such as one where you're going back in time and have to race backwards (and will get stomped by a giant foot Monty Python style if you screw up and go forwards). And of course, what race is complete without the ability to crash and explode into a shower of ducks?
     Yet, for all its hilarity, Cyclomaniacs 2 commits the cardinal sin of joke games in that it's frustratingly hard at times. A weightless level with a ton of platforms to crash against - meaning lots of opportunities to explode into the aforementioned shower of ducks - is hilarious at first, but then you realize the game actually expects you to win that race, and that's where it loses its fun. For the record, I've probably tried 30-40 times to beat that level and still can't.
     My other major problem with the game lies with the rider select screen. The character descriptions are hilarious, but they rarely ever tell you anything about what the rider is good or bad at. There *is* a character guide if you hit the "Hints and Tips" button which takes you to a completely separate flash, but why wouldn't that just be in the main rider select screen?

     The best way I can describe Cyclomaniacs 2 is, oddly enough, that it takes itself too seriously - not in the plot or aesthetics, but in gameplay. It can't seem to decide whether it wants to be a hilarious joke game or a tough racing game. It's definitely worth a look for the hilarity, but it reaches a point where getting to the next joke is just plain frustrating, and that's probably when it's time to move on.

                                                                      Score: 7/10

     This has been the Freeware Fanatic, saying my bike isn't up to much riding, it's usually two-tired.


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