Developer: FailBetterGames

Platform: Standalone Site

Release Date: I dunno lol

Content Warning: Minor Sexual References


          Welcome, delicious friends, to another exciting installment of the Freeware Fanatic. You may perhaps be pondering why I deign to refer to you as delicious, as though I had recently developed a tendency toward cannibalism. Or, perhaps you might be curious as to why I call you friend, when we've likely never met before. Well, delectable acquaintances, I assure you that my reason is no more nefarious than having recently been engrossed in Echo Bazaar, a posh British text-adventure game set in a universe where London has been swallowed up by a fissure and now resides deep underground.
This is just a quick little note, anyone who reads my blog will probably be interested in this week's issue of The Escapist, themed around gaming on a budget! Sadly, it's mostly dedicated to console games and there's not much about my sphere of interest, but they're similar enough that I can empathize. Check it out at Happy reading!
          Hey, look, it’s next week already. Well, isn’t that lovely. My apologies for the lack of postage last week, I’ve got some pretty sweet stuff cooked up for the next few weeks, but they’re all bigger games that take more playing to review accurately, and because of my new job I just didn’t have the time to scrape anything together. However, in the spirit of making up for my tardiness I’m going to try a different format from the usual. It just so happens that I’ve played and enjoyed several flash games in the past few weeks that didn’t have quite enough content to justify their own separate review. Well, a few days, an energy drink or two, and an unfortunate encounter with a Swedish Fishmonger later, I realized I should cover multiple games in a good old-fashioned flash game party! One small note: these won’t be getting numerical scores as they’re not really big enough to warrant them. You can assume that since I’m talking about them, they’re pretty good and deserve a look.


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